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Automate traveler payroll compliance


Automates business traveler payroll compliance: collect travel data, calculate compliance metrics, and share reports & dashboards.

Full Description:

borderFile replaces the costly manual processes within your organization that are required for business traveler payroll compliance. Whether it is international or U.S. domestic state-to-state travel, borderFile automates the collection of travel data, the calculation of compliance metrics and the sharing of reports and dashboards with key stakeholders in your company.

borderFile attaches to your existing Concur Travel & Expense solution via Concur Connect and deploys immediately, without bothering your travelers. It begins analyzing booked travel as it happens, and even gathers historical travel data, so you receive a complete compliance picture quickly and with minimal effort.

Visual dashboards allow you to pin-point employees that have breached compliance thresholds for each jurisdiction, while intuitive tools enable the employees to review and verify their travel details. Intelligent workflows complete the process by giving payroll managers the ability to review data for completeness and perform the necessary calculations to execute payroll.

By leveraging the employee and travel data you already have in Concur, payback on borderFile starts right away. It delivers increased value by allowing you to master payroll compliance and capitalize on your existing technology investment at the same time.

borderFile’s key features include:
• Rapid deployment by your Concur Administrator.
• Real-time synchronization of historical and upcoming booked travel.
• Threshold-based dashboards highlighting your employees’ workdays in all U.S. states with payroll compliance requirements.
• Tools to execute U.S. multi-state payroll allocation.
• Customizable reports and dashboards for international travel.
• Automated workflows enabling employees to verify and sign-off their travel data for payroll compliance.
• Secure, enterprise-class cloud architecture with 24/7 on-demand access globally.

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Works with these offerings:

  • Travel - Professional

Regions available:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia Pacific

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