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Universal VAT Services

Analyze and reclaim VAT
Universal VAT Services


Analyze domestic & foreign VAT on expenses in Concur with VATConnect. Extract expense data to file VAT reclaim tax reports. Contact us for a free analysis of your reclaimable VAT.

Full Description:

For over 20 years, UVS has been the industry leader in managing successful VAT reclaim programs for many globally recognized corporate and academic clients. Our success rate is well over 90% and our list of very satisfied clients around the world is unmatched in the industry.

At the heart of our unique offering is a suite of applications that make analyzing VAT data in Concur possible with the click of a button. Easily and quickly generate extracts to collect all the data needed to file for VAT Refunds. In addition, a back-end application, manages the entire reclaim process with strategic reporting that offers full transparency to our clients to monitor the progress on real-time basis. We also have world-class team of experts in several countries who are well versed in international finance and the tax laws of countries across the globe.

All of the work we do is conducted on a contingency fee basis. Our customers incur absolutely no cost until we receive a refund. In other words, we earn our fee only when we receive the refund and only on the amount successfully reclaimed.

The VAT refund rules are very complex and vary from country to country. The local tax authorities sometimes require that the application and the communication are completed in their own language. By acting as your single-source VAT services provider, UVS takes the complexity away from the process and makes it convenient for you to recollect eligible VAT refunds.

Several business expenditures are eligible for VAT reclaim including Travel – Hotel & Meals, Meetings, Training & Trade Shows, Professional Services, Moving & Relocation, Private Aviation and numerous other specific charges. UVS can help reclaim all VAT including those that are not reported in the Concur system.

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Works with these offerings:

  • Expense - Standard
  • Expense - Professional

Regions available:

  • North America

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