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CIBTvisas Travel Documents

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CIBTvisas Travel Documents


The fastest and easiest way to obtain documents required for international travel. Don’t risk delaying an important trip due to lack of proper documentation. CIBTvisas can help.

Full Description:

CIBTvisas is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a travel visa, passport and other documents for travel anywhere in the world including popular destinations such as China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Australia.

Now available to Concur clients, CIBTs’ Visa Alert is a travel document notification service that automatically sends an email to a traveler when a trip they’ve booked through Concur includes an international destination. Visa Alert notifies the traveler of the documents required for their trip and provides instructions that will enable them to obtain required documents through CIBTvisas.

Benefits of enrolling with CIBT & Concur for Visa Alert emails:

• Maintaining Compliance: Travel documents are never optional must be obtained prior to departure. Failing to secure the proper documents can result in the traveler being unable to board a plane or being denied entry upon arrival in their destination country.

• Reduced Fees: Last-minute requests drive higher consular, service and shipping/courier fees. Notifying the traveler of document requirements at the time of booking maximizes the amount of time available to secure documents and reduces the likelihood of costly expediting fees.

• Customized Instructions: Travelers receive an email notification with instructions on how to begin the visa application process.

CIBT & Concur’s Visa Alert email solution enhances a traveler’s experience and provides control to travel managers and account administrators. Travel managers and account administrators can monitor which travelers have applied for their travel documents and can follow up as necessary.

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  • Travel - Standard
  • Travel - Professional

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