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TboxCloud's Workday Connector

Concur Travel and Expense integration to Workday HR and Finance.


App by: TBoxCloud


The customizable and scalable TBoxCloud packaged Connector automates HR, Financial, and Payroll updates between Concur and Workday.

Full Description:

The Concur Connector for Workday automates the HR, Financial, and Payroll and updates between Concur and Workday. It completely eliminates the manual processes to keep all your applications up-to-date and error-free.

The TBoxCloud Concur Connector for Workday differentiates itself from the pack:

• Packaged Connector:
o Pre-built End-point Connectors.
o Pre-built Integration Logic (Field Mapping, Data Transformations, Workflow, Reporting, Audit, Methods, and Schedules).
• Sustainable Integration Solutions: Built on Best Practices, streamlined processes, and World-class technology.
• Customization: Every part of the Packaged Connector is customizable and configurable to meet the most stringent requirements, including the Connector End-points and Integration Logic.
• Point-to-point or Multi-point Integration: Scale-up to include additional integration points such as CRM and ERP systems.
• Real-time and Batch Processing: Keep updated & consistent information across all Systems whether in Real-time or Batch mode (TBoxCloud FTP and Dynamic FTP). Convert easily from FTP to Dynamic FTP, or Real-time.
• Automated Processing: No manual entry required. No risk to introduce data errors. Maintain data integrity and consistency. The Integration Logic automatically orchestrates the various business processes and series of functionality specific to the customer requirements.
• Workflow: Enable event and time-based triggers and routing.
• Reporting, Messaging, and Auditing: The functionality enables the reporting, messaging, and tracking of events and information, in Real-time.
• Cloud Hosted: TBoxCloud’s Connectors are fully managed in the Cloud, out of sight, out of mind.
• Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): No need for your IT to build the connector. Eliminate or dramatically reduce IT Costs.
• Adhesion to International Standards: TBoxCloud Connectors are configurable to support International considerations such as multiple geographies, Data Formats, Laws, Finance, and Accoun

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Works with these offerings:

  • Expense - Standard
  • Expense - Professional

Regions available:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia Pacific

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