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Intelligent price tracking of airfare


Intelligent Price Tracking dynamically monitors price variations on airfare from ticketing through departure, sending instant alerts when savings are significant enough to re-book.

Full Description:

Yapta’s groundbreaking solution – FareIQ – is Intelligent Price Tracking. FareIQ dynamically monitors price variations on ticketed airfare from the time of ticketing through the day of departure, sending instant alerts when savings are significant enough to rebook. FareIQ provides Corporate Travel Managers complete visibility, history and reporting on ticketed itineraries, savings opportunities, rebookings and realized savings. By doing so, Corporate Travel Managers are able to capitalize on airfare price volatility and to get more out of their existing T&E budgets. Travel management companies also use FareIQ to act on airfare price volatility to deliver enhanced client services to their corporate customers.

Fares fluctuate from the time of ticketing until departure. Booking at the lowest fare doesn’t mean employees are traveling at the lowest fare. With FareIQ, corporations know they’re getting the best value for their travel spend, guaranteed. FareIQ identifies price drops on identical itineraries across all fare types – including negotiated fares, allowing travelers to maintain the same carrier, travel dates, departure times, seat classes and preferences.

Of the hundreds of thousands of itineraries FareIQ tracks, more than 10% have savings available, even when accounting for airline change fees and rebooking fees. This enables Yapta’s corporate clients to see hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential savings. In fact, the average savings opportunity identified by FareIQ is $386!

Getting started with FareIQ is fast and simple, with no expensive IT integration or software licenses required. FareIQ is specifically designed for the travel industry. Our secure web-based solution connects seamlessly with any travel management workflow or mid-office solution, and supports travel organizations of any size.

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  • Expense - Standard
  • Expense - Professional
  • Travel - Standard
  • Travel - Professional

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