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Social Seating and Booking


Get notified when your colleagues, friends and acquaintances are close – same flight, airport, hotel, city, etc!

Full Description:

Would you like to know who’s on your flight and where they’ll be sitting? Who’s on earlier and later flights? Wouldn’t it be a real advantage if you knew which of your colleagues, friends and business associates has stayed at that hotel in the past or will be at the destination city while you’re there?

By connecting SeatID with your Concur account, you will receive a post-booking email and periodic email updates from SeatID to let you know which of your colleagues, friends, friends of friends or people with common interests will share parts of your itinerary with you. It’s ideal for business purposes and networking and it is an elegant way to take the opportunity to meet new interesting people.

SeatID is an opt-in system. You will only be visible to other users after you have specifically opted-in via your social network profile (e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn) and you can modify visibility settings to determine just who will see you.

COST: Free

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Works with these offerings:

  • Travel - Standard
  • Travel - Professional

Regions available:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa

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