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Smart analytics for sustainability
Scope 5


Scope 5 offers smart analytics for sustainability so organizations can take actions that boost brand reputation, lower costs and mitigate risks.

Full Description:

The Scope 5 integration with Concur offers visibility and control over business travel-related greenhouse gas emissions. Travel information is instantly translated into emissions and other impacts and categorized by a variety of parameters including class of travel, airline, geography, origin/destination city pairs, corporate department, date range and others. Rich data analytics and reporting scenarios become possible.

Scope 5 makes sustainability improvements impossible to miss so you can do business in a better way. Simple, accurate capture and management of diverse data lets you track progress with impactful visual scorecards. Fine-grain analytics down to activity and intensity level extracts powerful insights that reveal waste. Now you can drive action by prioritizing projects, forecasting impact, setting targets and monitoring results.

By using Scope 5 TrackerTM technology, you can track any type of sustainability data at any scope: company-wide, specific facility, specific product line or brand to name a few. Common examples include:
• Greenhouse Gases (GHG) - Take stock of greenhouse gases produced directly (Scope 1) and indirectly (Scope 2 and 3).
• Office Buildings - Track electricity and fuel in buildings you own and occupy, or use benchmarks if you’re a tenant.
• Business Travel - Examine GHG emissions as employees move around in aircraft, trains, buses, and cars.
• Supply Chains - Measure the impact of indirect (Scope 3) emissions from vendors.
• Targets and Forecasts - Set targets and model changes for emissions, energy, or other metrics.
• Public Visibility – Act on key metrics and show progress so you can share with investors and citizens.

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Works with these offerings:

  • Travel - Professional
  • Travel - Standard

Regions available:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa

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