Concur API access for developers

We’re Opening Up

We love developers. We have lots of them here cranking out groundbreaking releases every single month. But we can’t do it all. If you spend your day thinking about clever ways to code business problems out of existence – we’d like to hear from you. We have millions of users accessing our web and mobile tools every day and all of them have challenges that just might be solved with your next great idea. So we’re opening up our platform to give you a chance to make our customers even happier and to make you even happier too.

If you’re an existing customer and want to know more about developing on the Concur platform – talk to your account manager – you can get started right away! For everyone else, we’re still a few months away from providing full access for 3rd party developers, but we’d love to hear from you anyway. Please fill out our simple form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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What we’ve got so far

We’ve built a set of web services around the types of requests we get most often from clients. To learn more, visit

Attendee & List Web Services: help clients integrate lists (project codes, departments, cost centers etc…) and contacts from external systems.

Imaging Web Service: aids automatic uploading of receipt and invoice images to Concur. This Web service can also be used to access images held in Concur from within other systems.

Expense Report Web Service: provides a live feed of expense report data.

External Validation Web Service: enables creation of a workflow step which calls out to a custom connector to run additional checks against an expense entry and can return exceptions or modified values.

Extract Web Service: checks for updated expense, invoice and payment data to extract to the ERP system.

User Web Service: create, update and deactivate users as they are added or modified in the source system.

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