Concur’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Concur believes that every business has a responsibility to give back to the communities we serve in order to make the world a better place to live. That’s why Concur has established Concur Cares – to underscore Concur’s long term commitment to being a good corporate citizen. This company-wide and year-round commitment manifests itself in many ways – including our support of non-profit organizations whose values we share, our investments in the technology that we deliver to our clients and in how we conduct our business everyday.

A Commitment To Our Local Communities

Concur is a place where people make a difference to our business, our customers, and our community. Many of us have a passion to make a difference in the community, but often community involvement events conflict with office hours. Concur recognizes that part of doing great things at work is providing the opportunity for employees to do great things in our community. Concur provides its employees with paid volunteer hours each quarter so they can dedicate time to a non-profit organization of their choice. At Concur, employees have a chance to engage in the community and make a difference. Click hereto learn more about Concur in the Community.

A Commitment Reflected In The Services We Deliver

Concur’s on-demand employee spend management services already deliver many environmental benefits, leveraging electronic data capture, imaging and exclusive e-receipt technology that enables employees to submit paperless travel and expense reports electronically. These features drive down costs, streamline the travel and expense management process, and help reduce excessive paper usage. Concur is also developing carbon-friendly enhancements to Concur® Travel & Expense – the company’s flagship service that enables companies to manage their entire business travel and expense reporting process. In addition to automating the travel and expense reporting process, Concur Travel & Expense will soon enable employees to book their business travel based on estimated carbon emissions, and will provide business travelers the option to select low or zero-emission car rental reservations. For companies that have selected specific hotels based on their green initiatives and environmentally-sustainable practices, travelers will be alerted to these suppliers during the booking process, helping to drive environmentally sound decisions that are in line with corporate policies. Since each travel choice is captured online through Concur’s integrated travel and expense process, companies will now have a tool to measure the impact of their employees business travel, and use the data gathered to improve environmentally sustainable practices.

A Commitment To Sustainable Business Practices

Concur believes that to continue to make a difference, our business must not just invest in technology and partnerships, but also lead by example and adopt best practices that help our company better manage the impact that our activities have on the environment. Concur’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility includes actively managing our own business practices in all of our office locations around the world. In our Redmond facility alone in 2007, we have made great strides in reducing our day-to-day impact on the environment through simple, yet effective measures including:

Recycling Waste

• Over 200 trees saved from paper and cardboard recycling • Recycled over 1 ton of aluminum cans • Recycled over 118 computer toner cartridges saving roughly 59 gallons of oil. 97% of material in remanufactured toner cartridges and their packaging would otherwise end up in landfills


• Concur bicycle commuters from May-July 07 logged over 9726 total miles reducing CO2 emissions by roughly 9600 pounds • Encouraging telecommuting, web conferencing and conference options where appropriate to minimize days employees commute to work • Encouraging employees and clients to book rooms and travel with partner hotels/airlines committed to reducing carbon emissions and needless waste


• Prioritize buildings that are LEED certified in RFP’s • Prioritize new office spaces that are already “built out” • Automatic lights on timers to reduce excess energy expense when building is not occupied • Water saving automatic sinks in rest rooms and automatic paper towel dispensers to reduce waste • Purchase office supplies from companies committed to the use of recycled paper, printer toners, and office products • Utilize environmentally sensitive cleaning products in our corporate headquarters • Encourage the use of power saving modes on computers, printers, faxes • Encourage the use of electronic data storage options to reduce paper use/waste

Community Involvement

• Concur serving as a charter member of the National Business Travel Association CSR committee • Working closely with Conservation International to develop new programs and opportunities for employees to get involved with CSR