SAP Concur corporate social responsibility

Empowering people and impacting communities.

Creating a brighter future

Together with SAP, we’re ensuring that everyone has a place in today’s digital world.

  • At SAP Concur, our mission is to build inclusive opportunities, through partnerships and outreach, that prepare youth for future success.
  • We focus our efforts on developing digital skills, creating access to quality education, and supporting girls in leadership and tech.
  • Interested in becoming a part of our mission? Explore career opportunities at SAP Concur today.

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Volunteering is in our DNA

SAP employees volunteering at farm

Volunteerism is at the core of our purpose-driven mission. By providing employees 32 hours of paid time off each year (eight hours per quarter), we empower our people to make an impact in their local communities.

Explore additional programs below that enable employees to make an impact locally and globally.

SAP social sabbatical Volunteer ambassador program

Hear from our employees around the world

“Working for a purpose driven company inspires me to take pride in what I do. I know that every day is an opportunity to contribute and be part of the solution.”

Ella Cordial
Talent Acquisitions Partner
Manilla, Philippines

“I’m so thankful that SAP Concur supports my time to give back to organizations that I’m passionate about.”

Kathy Boyd
Content Developer
Washington, USA

“A company’s CSR program speaks volumes about its values and leadership. It shows that SAP Concur is serious about making the world a better place.”

Piyush Bandhu
Director Global Services & Support
Bangalore, India

“I’m my best self when I have time with wonderful teammates to share ideas, plan exciting events, and volunteer.”

Anna Kambe
Product Manager
Tokyo, Japan

“SAP Concur lets me fulfill my desire to make the world a better place for everyone, especially those most in need.”

Mei Malkova
Community Manager
Prague, CZ

“SAP Concur allows me to dedicate time to causes that are close to me and that I feel strongly about.”

Garry Brown
Preferred Care Manager
Crawley, UK

Our community impact partners

In partnership with non-profits and social enterprises around the world, SAP Concur supports transformative efforts to create access to quality education, development of digital skills, and opportunities for girls in tech and leadership.