Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

SAP completed its acquisition of Concur on December 4, 2014. For information about Governance at SAP, including the Code of Conduct for Employees of the SAP Group,  please follow this link:

International differences in culture, language, and legal and social systems make the adoption of a uniform code of business conduct across the entire SAP Group somewhat difficult. As a result, SAP has set forth a master code consisting of minimum standards. In turn, each company within the SAP Group must adopt a similar code that meets at least these minimum standards and may include additional or more stringent rules of conduct.

The following code of conduct is in place for SAP SE, parent company of the SAP Group. This SAP SE code is identical to the SAP Group master code.

Code of Business Conduct for Employees (PDF)

We at SAP Concur are fortunate to provide our products and services to the public sector. Please reference our SAP Concur Public Standard to learn how we conduct business with the U.S. Federal Government in an ethical and compliant manner.

SAP Concur Standard: The Public Sector