Global Functionality

Concur is a global business travel and expenses solution. It can be deployed across all your offices, whatever your size, whatever your global span.

It has powerful global management features that meet the needs of your multi-national organisation. It also meets the different legal and tax practices established across the world.

All your employees can use Concur, whether they are based in your home country, or based in your overseas offices.

Supports multiple per diem rates, travel allowances and currencies

Concur automatically modifies per diem rates, travel allowances and currencies for the country in which the expense claim is submitted.

Supports multiple languages

Concur supports expense reports in more than 16 different languages including German, French, French Canadian, UK English, US English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified & traditional) and Hungarian.

Supports the reclaim of international Value Added-Tax (VAT, IVA, TVA, MOMs, GST)

Concur allows you to record and report value-added tax (VAT) from both national and international travel. It supports and maintains all applicable country VAT rates.

Your solution complies with European Union VAT laws.

Supports vehicle mileage

Concur makes it easy to record multiple mileage rates based on your vehicle’s engine size. It also allows you to indicate whether the vehicle is company or personal.

The solution enables companies to calculate your total business mileage for tax reporting.

Need global reporting?

All of your data is held in one place so you have a better understanding of your travel and expense data.

Need global compliance?

Concur is committed to meeting your global compliance requirements across your organisation.

Need a scalable solution?

Concur gives you a fully-scalable solution. As a Web-based solution it is easy to maintain across multiple offices and locations.

Want a global mobile application?

View your travel itineraries, and add, amend and submit expenses whilst on the go with Concur’s mobile application. The mobile application is available on all the major mobile platforms, iPhone® or iPad®, Android™ and BlackBerry® devices, and at no extra cost.