Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging​

We work each day to create an environment in which every employee is heard, supported, and a valued member of our global community.

Celebrating and empowering differences

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are the building blocks that foster a community of equals and a culture of shared values. By celebrating and empowering differences, our employees can be their best selves and come together to achieve common goals.​ To join the SAP Concur community, check out our career opportunities.

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Cultivating a sense of belonging and community through employee network groups

Our various employee network groups (ENGs) work together on a voluntary basis to foster inclusion across our company. By connecting and building community, employees can develop professionally while also bringing passion and purpose to the workplace.

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Learn more about our employee network groups​

The Autism Inclusion Network (AIN) consists of SAP autistic employees, family members, and allies bound together by the shared values that pave the way for a future of inclusion-affirming workplaces for those across the autism spectrum. Through action, shared experience, and discussion our goal is to provide a welcoming place for self-development, expression, knowledge sharing, and growth.

Chapter locations:

  • Across North America

Blacks@SAP is a chapter of the SAP Black Employee Network and is open to anyone who is passionate about the development, retention, and engagement of people of color.​

Chapter locations:

  • Bellevue, Washington, USA​
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota , USA

Our mission is to help women advance their careers by sharing professional insights, best practices, and experiences that allow women to further develop their skills and drive overall business success.​

Chapter locations:

  • Bellevue, Washington, USA​
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA​
  • San Francisco, California, USA​
  • The United Kingdom

Our mission is to promote the inclusion and professional development of Latinos in the workplace, celebrate the impact we have on the business, and empower the Latino community.

Chapter locations:

  • Bellevue, Washington, USA

Our employee-driven community promotes inclusion, empowerment, and appreciation of all Pan-Asians at SAP. By supporting one another in professional development, community engagement, and career networking, our aim to contribute to individual and overall company success.

Chapter locations:

  • Bellevue, Washington, USA

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+ and ally employees that provides career development, networking and work-life integration, and community outreach.

Chapter locations:

  • Bellevue, Washington, USA​
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA​
  • Manila, Philippines​
  • Prague, Czech Republic​
  • Sittingbourne, UK​

Our mission is to educate, support, and empower global veterans, military spouses, and those who support veterans in the SAP community. We focus on mentorship for transitioning veterans from their military career to civilian life and community outreach efforts.

Chapter locations:

  • Across the USA

Learn about some of our many programs that support our
commitment to equitable opportunities

Talent to Watch

This program focuses on advancing diverse, untapped talent by aligning individuals to their ambitions and opportunities for success. Through development plans, shadowing senior leaders, and providing access to open positions, Talent to Watch builds a pipeline of diverse talent for senior roles.

Activating Men for Parity

Activating Men for Parity brings men into the conversation on gender equity at work. Through self-paced learning and guided conversations with facilitators, participants learn how to communicate effectively with senior leaders and move the gender equity conversation from awareness to action.

I Am Remarkable

I Am Remarkable is an interactive workshop focused on the benefits of self-promotion and how to cultivate it in the workplace. Employee participants learn how to talk about successes, as well as develop the confidence to promote themselves effectively to teammates and leadership.

Dialogue sessions and workshops

We host many dialogue sessions and workshops on diversity and inclusion topics throughout the year. More specifically, we have sessions focused on inclusive leadership that help our leaders strive for equity within the company while building their own bias-identification skills.

Our focus areas for diversity and inclusion

To create a truly diverse and inclusive environment, we’ve aligned with SAP to focus on three key areas for success.

A rich and diverse ecosystem that drives innovation and allows us to better serve our customers

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An inclusive culture that creates community, promotes accountability, and fosters collaboration

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Equitable career journeys designed to attract, retain, and motivate a diverse talent pool

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What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

“It means that everyone has a seat at the table and their voices are heard. It should be felt in our culture and seen in the faces here. We should look like a beautiful mosaic.”

Christie Randolph

Director of Sales Tools​
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“It means embracing, encouraging, and celebrating differences to build a culture of support and success. We’re absolutely committed to this as a company.”

Ed Kim

Senior Vice President, Strategic Programs and Operations​
Bellevue, Washington, USA

“It means embracing and developing everyone’s unique strengths instead of limitations. We continuously strive to build a collaborative culture where everyone can bring their whole self to work.”

Stela Koleva

VP, EMEA Service and Support & Country Director, Concur Prague
Prague, Czech Republic​

“It’s about ensuring that diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are recognized, valued, and appreciated. To achieve this, we must cultivate an environment in which everyone feels they belong.”

Jenn McColly

Global Vice President People Connection Team
Bellevue, Washington, USA

“It’s an environment where everyone can express themselves without judgement. Everyone has an equal opportunity to excel and perform at their best, while also being their true selves.”

Abhishek Anand

Director of Service Delivery and Country D&I Lead
Bangalore, India​​

“Diversity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. The only way people and teams can reach their full potential is by listening to all of the different voices​.”

Augusto Krauspenhar

Services & Support Director, LATAM
Sao Leopoldo, Brazil