Event registration

Hannah receives a notification to register for the conference through Cvent.

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Hotel booking

Hannah reserves her Montreal hotel using an event discount code

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Digital itinerary

Hannah’s full itinerary appears in Concur Mobile and TripIt and will update automatically with any changes.

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Passport reminder

Hannah receives an automated email with a reminder that she’ll need a current passport.

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Roaming notification

Visage alerts the Mobility Manager that Hannah will be going abroad and lets them know which roaming package will be most cost-effective.

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VAT reclaim reminder

Hannah receives a reminder from Taxback on how to request a valid VAT receipt.

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During Trip

Mileage tracking

Runzheimer tracks Hannah’s business mileage using GPS and automatically creates her expense entry.

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Mobile order & automatic expense

Hannah uses her Starbucks mobile app to order breakfast and coffee for her meeting.

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Live HCP lookup in Concur

Hannah searches a live database of HCPs instantly from her Concur iPad app.

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Global physician tracking

Hannah is able to track HCP spend easily- regardless of where the physician practices.

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Getting around

Hannah and her colleagues share an Uber and the receipt is automatically posted to Concur.

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Connecting during chaos

A building collapses near the conference site, causing concern for employee safety.

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Post Trip

The expense report writes itself

Hannah’s expenses were pre-populated throughout her trip and she added HCPs on the fly, so submitting her report is effortless.

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Cross-border payroll regulations

Hannah’s company uses her travel data to automatically track out of state work days for tax compliance.

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Aggregate spend reporting

Once captured in Concur, attendee spend data is easily utilized to create compliant reports.

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Easy ERP integration

Accounting data is easily posted into the company’s finance system.

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Trip Summary

Let’s review what Hannah and her company were able to accomplish on this trip.

Benefits breakdown

Sales and marketing

Knows the total cost of their events


Visibility into all travel spend


Looked after employees in potential danger


Prevented a high roaming bill


Maximized VAT reclaim


Easily reported on HCP spend


Easily integrated


Complied with cross-border payroll regulations

Doing more with less effort

Concur and our partner integrations help Hannah and multiple teams across her company accomplish more every day.

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