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Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone Else How Cool Des Moines Is

In the middle of October, an RV full of over-caffeinated Visage employees barreled down Highway 35 into Des Moines. We had just finished the first of nine events in five days as part of an old fashioned roadshow that would take us from Minneapolis to Des Moines, to Omaha, to Sioux Falls, and finally to Fargo.   Four of the five of us Visage employees…   Continue Reading »

Visage Mobile: Visibility on the Road

While you were sleeping two Sundays ago, five people made their way to the airport and onto a plane. They took off, touched down again, and then piled into an RV. But they weren’t on vacation. They were on a mission to give you visibility into your mobile spend.   They’re the people behind Visage Mobile, and they’re so relentlessly passionate about visibility into mobility…   Continue Reading »

Who’s Managing Your Mobile and Wireless Spend?

Today, one in two in the US carries a smartphone, contributing to the deluge of devices that Enterprises aim to support. Here at Concur, we hear first-hand from customers in IT, finance and procurement who face the challenges of managing expenses and reporting when it comes to multiple mobile carriers, scores of plans, and the ability to embrace a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy….   Continue Reading »

Rethinking the BYOD Stipend: Why Better Data Will Yield a Better Strategy

This post was written by Neil Cohen from Visage Mobile and originated on the Visage Mobile blog. It has been re-posted with permission for use on the Concur blog. It’s a multi-dimensional issue that’s tempting to ignore: BYOD expenses. They can feel overwhelming: Your employees all have different devices and use a variety of carriers, and it’s a hassle to itemize each expense and calculate costs….   Continue Reading »

5 Mobile Technology Trends to Benefit Business Travelers

If mobile technology trends are swaying in any direction, it’s in favor of road warriors. Being more connected through one or more powerful devices has helped chop what residual tether employees had to their desks once upon a time. Road warriors are excited about their phone becoming their wallet – as are finance managers. Just think of the time (and paper) saved! I feel strongly that…   Continue Reading »

Bring Your Own Device: Safety First!

This series about the bring your own device movement (BYOD) was developed in partnership with Visage.  Losing a personal phone is hassle. Losing a device loaded with intellectual property or sensitive data from your employer could be a security breach. Welcome to the risks of the “BYOD” era – Bring Your Own Device – the new normal where you can access privileged company resources, like email,…   Continue Reading »

Bring Your Own Device: 4 Tips to Create Policies to Reduce Mobile Costs

This series about the bring your own device movement (BYOD) was developed in partnership with Visage. The business world’s dirty little secret: The average company pays more than $51,000 per year in international roaming charges, and more than $34,000 per year in fees like data, text and voice overages. Mobile costs are only expected to grow. An average company’s yearly wireless bill will be $2 million by 2015,…   Continue Reading »