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The UK’s Busiest Expense Day of the Year

In the week before Christmas you would expect visions of sugar-plums, mistletoe, gifts and Christmas parties to be dancing through employees’ heads. Surprisingly, however, business travellers are actually focused on submitting their expenses instead. Last year, the 19th of December was the UK’s busiest expense day for finance teams: 140% more than the usual average daily number of receipts were submitted on this day, according…   Continue Reading »

How to Capture Receipts with Your Mobile Phone

As it’s the end of the year, people are submitting their expenses at a breakneck pace. I wanted to take a minute and give you a few tips on getting your expenses in faster, especially so you can get reimbursed at a time of the year when having more cash in your wallet is an unusual but happy situation. For those of you trying to…   Continue Reading »

Holiday Rush: 6 Tips to Get Through the “Busiest Expense Day”

At our accounting firm, we actually embrace and conquer the “Busiest Expense Day” and help our clients to do exactly that, too. A big part of our success comes from automating and streamlining the expensing process to prevent loss and maintain order. But we also have a few more tricks up our sleeves, too. Even though it falls on a Wednesday this year, December 19…   Continue Reading »

Turn the Busiest Expense Day of the Year into One of the Quietest

For accounting departments around the world, December can be a Grinch. Employees who have waited months to submit their expense reports are suddenly in a hurry to be reimbursed before the holidays, and accountants are eager to reconcile their ledgers for the same reason. The result can be a yule logjam of reports, receipts and invoices. In the United States, the flurry of activity is…   Continue Reading »

The Busiest and Most Magical Expense Day of the Year

Unlike eggnog, holiday parties, tins of cookies, and gifts tied with fancy fabric bows, expense reports don’t garner a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings, especially not this time of the year when, face it, we’d all rather be on a ski slope somewhere, sitting and sipping hot chocolate, or venturing out with the other huddled masses to do a little holiday shopping. But what…   Continue Reading »

The Shortest Day of the Year Can Seem Like the Longest

The solstice has special significance, we’ve long known that. It’s not just the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, it’s also a time of celebration throughout the world. But now the solstice has another claim to fame. We discovered something that sheds a whole new light (ahem) on December 21st. Based on data compiled from people using our products, we learned that…   Continue Reading »