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Thought Leadership

Barry Padgett appearance on Bloomberg West with Cory Johnson

Watch Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer of Concur, discuss the Concur and Starbucks application integration on Bloomberg West from Monday, February 23.   Concur users can now earn rewards points on the more than 10,000 business-related transactions they make at Starbucks each month. Connecting Concur with a Starbucks Rewards card allows users to create effortless expense entries and earn Starbucks Stars at the same time!   Click here to watch Barry Padgett’s appearance…   Continue Reading »

How CFOs Can Use Big Data

Big data isn’t news, but many executives still haven’t figured out how to unlock its potential. In a 2012 IDC study, only 23% of organizations had developed an enterprise-wide big data strategy. Today, that number has gone up – but we’re still far from discovering all the ways that large collections of structured and unstructured data can benefit the way we do business.   As…   Continue Reading »

In 2015, turn failures into success with transparency

Failure. It’s a word that produces an involuntary shudder in most of us – especially when it refers to the workplace. No one wants to fail, and C-suite executives least of all. But the evidence suggests that we might want to reconsider our relationship with the word.   As leaders are increasingly subjected to scrutiny in their professional lives, it’s causing a change in how…   Continue Reading »

Consistency and Change

As the ideal kick-off to 2015, I had the pleasure last week of joining SAP CEO Bill McDermott and Concur President Elena Donio on stage to address Concur employees. We brought everyone together to celebrate successes of the past year and to talk about the opportunities ahead as part of SAP, including the role Concur will play in the business network. Through the business network, SAP…   Continue Reading »

How Going Green Can Save Your Business

What was once considered a trend or possibly a passing fad, “going green” is now an accepted and necessary part of managing a business. Bottom line cost savings represent some of the most apparent benefits, brought about by reducing energy costs, minimizing waste, maintaining regulatory compliance and preserving the environment for future generations. But there are many other ways that going green creates advantages for…   Continue Reading »

Testimonial From 2014 Fusion Innovation Winner: Gant Travel

Concur’s 12th Annual Fusion Client Event  is quickly approaching! This means it’s time to nominate your company and yourself for our Client Innovation Award! One of our winners from last year, Patrick Linnihan, the President and CEO of Gant Travel Management shared his experience and how winning the award benefited his company.   Company:  Gant Travel Management Name:  Patrick Linnihan Title:  President and CEO Company…   Continue Reading »

The Power of “And”

BERLIN – Today I had the opportunity to speak at GBTA 2014 in Berlin, and what a wonderful time to be in here – to witness Sunday’s incredible celebration of the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. So much has changed. Berlin has transformed from a city that represented the challenges of the Cold War, to a city that represents a vibrant,…   Continue Reading »

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