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Thought Leadership

Canada’s national election: what business is watching

Experts say Canada’s national election on October 19th will be a watershed, whoever wins. Three parties and their leaders are competing, each with a different vision. All will have an effect on how Canadians do business.   Like no other In a commentary last June, The National Post’s Andrew Coyne called this “an election unlike any we’ve seen before” based on the length of the campaign,…   Continue Reading »

Moving accounts payable from a cost center to a value-add

If you’re in Accounts Payable (AP) and you’re still relying on manual input, you know the struggle is real: manual processes reduce the business’s visibility into spend, as well as increasing the potential for error and driving up labor costs.   And you have undoubtedly heard the promises about the cloud: its cost-reducing magic, its seamless automation of repetitive work. You can’t read anything on…   Continue Reading »

Discovery and Delivery

The opportunity to discover – to have a-ha moments – is one of the great benefits we enjoy at Concur. With more than 30 million users of our travel and expense solutions, we’re continuously building insight, uncovering trends and generating ideas – by engaging with our clients and delving into petabytes of data. Discovery has always been pivotal to our ability to deliver.   In…   Continue Reading »

Bringing more value to more customers in Japan and around the world

Concur has a history of making big bets to bring more value to more customers. We moved expense management to the cloud before it was popular, we expanded into small and mid-market business, government and international markets simultaneously, and we introduced the industry’s first open platform approach to transform experiences for business travelers and their employers.   Japan is another exciting frontier for Concur, and…   Continue Reading »

Getting ahead of the curve – new ways to head off trouble before it happens

In any business, a machine failure can cause headaches for you and your customers, cost big money and even pose a hazard to life and property. In oil and gas, with its large scale and volatile materials, the risks intensify. Our parent company, SAP, just announced a new approach to heading off trouble before it happens. Aimed at oil and gas equipment, it uses big…   Continue Reading »

Genius is collaborative

Albert Einstein. Marie Curie. Picasso. These great masters represent a few of the names that commonly spring to mind when we think about “genius.” The word typically evokes an image of a solitary figure gifted in math, science or the arts.   The mythology around these and other exceptional individuals suggests they nurtured their extraordinary abilities and pursued their goals alone. But the truth is…   Continue Reading »

CFO’s: how to build your finance dream team

CFOs across the U.S. are more optimistic than ever. With a strong economy both at home and abroad, the future is bright indeed. And with that steady footing comes the opportunity to add depth and breadth to the finance department, at entry and mid- levels. Publicly, CFOs say there is an abundance of exciting new talent rising through the ranks – but data is telling…   Continue Reading »

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