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Are you stuck in the status quo? SMB survey reveals money left on the table in expense reporting.

Most businesspeople, and especially those familiar with accounting, understand the old adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Everything has a cost associated with it, including expense reporting and travel booking. And it usually makes sense to cut costs in order to maximize profit. But even the best of us can become a bit complacent from time to time and opt to maintain…   Continue Reading »

When it comes to expense data, ignorance is anything but bliss

Whoever said “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” obviously didn’t manage expenses. While more of today’s companies are using expense data insights to eradicate preventable oversights, still, too many companies are being hurt by the many unknowns of expense management. Luckily there’s something they can do about it. Here are three T&E management scenarios where SMBs can use business intelligence reporting to flip the…   Continue Reading »

7 T&E scenarios where pre-knowledge is power

“If only I would have known sooner” can be a costly quotation in business. And for too many businesses, this saying is all too common. But fortunately, when it comes to T&E management, more people are now saying, “I’m sure glad I knew that.” Read on to discover seven scenarios where timely access to T&E insights can make a major difference.   1. Where did…   Continue Reading »

3 signs you work for a non-profit

Working in the non-profit sector can be incredibly rewarding. But, as you well know, it also comes with common misconceptions and immense challenges. Here are three signs you work for a non-profit:

Sign #1: You are constantly setting people straight on what it’s really like to work for a non-profit.

Working for a non-profit is not all that different from working for a for-profit corporation. Still, some people can’t shake the assumption that you and your colleagues congregate for 40 hours a week to spew idealistic views in between sessions of acoustic guitar playing and tambourine shaking.

These Non-Profit Organizations are Profiting from Improved Expense Management

According to State of the Nonprofit Sector: 2014 Survey by Nonprofit Finance Fund, nearly half of your non-profit peers have already made technology upgrades in order to increase organizational efficiency. If your organization is looking for ways to increase business insights, enhance workflow capabilities and reduce administrative overhead, take a cue from the following non-profits that achieved all of the above by simply improving T&E…   Continue Reading »

The Top 3 Expense Management Challenges for Non-Profits

For industry outsiders, the non-profit industry conjures up thoughts of fundraising, volunteering, and doing good in the community. And that’s all true. But like their for-profit counterparts, non-profits also operate in the real world – a world that includes competition, staffing challenges, stringent guidelines, and operating margins.   Keep reading to discover the top expense management challenges for non-profit organizations, and learn how your non-profit…   Continue Reading »

How Non-Profits Can Do More Good with Enhanced Expense Management

There are about 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations in the U.S. alone. And while we often refer to non-profits (and the good they achieve) collectively, the truth is that non-profit organizations compete with each other for talent, donations, sponsors, members and volunteers.   Competition is intensifying. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, over the recent decade, non-profit organizations and public charities in the…   Continue Reading »

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