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Four intense travel and expense business pressures and where SMBs can find relief

Flying blind? Aberdeen Group research finds visibility, costs, lack of control and mountains of paper are the four greatest business pressures when it comes to travel and entertainment expense reports. In a recent Aberdeen research study the number one concern was poor visibility into travel and entertainment spending – 57% said they worry about that. They have a point – the paper chase of spreadsheets…   Continue Reading »

Cure the top five expense reporting headaches

What a pain It’s the great leveler of business. From CEOs to road warriors to the back office staff, how many times have you heard people complain about what a pain expense reports are? Either they can’t see into murky spending records, or they’re wasting time that could be productive on endless data entry, or their entire day is spent chasing down tiny pieces of…   Continue Reading »

Boost your stock price and profits – when you focus on company culture

  Savvy leaders at small to medium sized businesses (SMB) are quickly realizing that a vibrant company culture drives success. They know it’s about more than offering “casual dress Fridays” or ping-pong tables in the employee break room.   While millennials might be forcing the company culture discussion, efforts to cultivate an engaging work environment must encompass every employee at every level. Your SMB’s values…   Continue Reading »

Guarding your SMB and its customers against hacker attacks

Cyber attacks on large companies like Target, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot and Sony brought business cyber security worries right home to millions of customers’ wallets. While small-to-medium sized business owners may be aware of the threat, they often think it won’t affect their business.   The odds are it will.   In fact, as large corporations deploy better cyber security measures, hackers are switching to…   Continue Reading »

Just in: It’s clean, it’s green, and it could be big bucks for small business

An opportunity just opened up for dozens of small and medium-sized businesses in the tech and energy sectors, and it could be worth as much as $300,000 to a business that wins. The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced its “Small Business Vouchers Pilot”.   Five National Laboratories, 100+ small businesses Five national laboratories will lead the $20 million pilot, which came out of the…   Continue Reading »

Learn how your SMB can save time and money with cloud technology

Turns out one of the most effective tools small to medium sized business can utilize to grow lies in the cloud. Cloud technology can streamline and automate a whole host of operations for growing businesses, from payroll to expenses to marketing.   In fact, cloud technology use by U.S. emerging businesses is expected to leap from 37 percent to almost 80 percent in the next…   Continue Reading »

Consumer spending rising: is your growing business ready?

May brought welcome news for small-to-medium business (SMB) owners as the U.S. Commerce Department reported retail sales up 2.7 percent year over year, and up 1.2 percent from April. Restaurants and bars especially benefitted from this trend, reporting sales increases of 8.2 percent from May 2014.   Now’s the time to make sure your SMB is poised to capture more of that increased consumer spending,…   Continue Reading »

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