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Small Business

Consumer spending rising: is your growing business ready?

May brought welcome news for small-to-medium business (SMB) owners as the U.S. Commerce Department reported retail sales up 2.7 percent year over year, and up 1.2 percent from April. Restaurants and bars especially benefitted from this trend, reporting sales increases of 8.2 percent from May 2014.   Now’s the time to make sure your SMB is poised to capture more of that increased consumer spending,…   Continue Reading »

Look before you leap: a Duty of Care checklist for companies with travelers

In a globally connected world, business travel is essential. But it comes with the chance that your people will face risks. These range from natural disasters to civil unrest and war. Mistakes can cost your company, big time, but experts say you can manage those risks and deliver on your Duty of Care if you think ahead of time – in detail – about the…   Continue Reading »

Small business resources that streamline the hiring process

As the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, more small business owners are hiring than in years past, a recent National Federation of Independent Business shows. More than half of small-to-medium businesses added jobs or were trying to fill open positions in May, according to the NFIB, one the nation’s largest small business associations. Turns out 29 percent of those small businesses said they had difficulty…   Continue Reading »

Today is the day your business becomes permanently profitable

It’s tougher than ever running a business these days. Over three-quarters of small business owners haven’t fully recovered from the recession, with many working long hours and forgoing raises. To make ends meet, they use personal guarantees, credit cards, loans, and sometimes even defer their own compensation[1].   It doesn’t have to be this way.   Money problems occur when one of two things happen:…   Continue Reading »

Top 3 small business challenges – and how to solve them

If you’re a small business owner, good news: you’re a hero. According to a study from Forbes, small businesses have generated over 65% of new jobs since 1995, and employ over 120 million working individuals. That’s great news for the economy – and your bank account. But running a successful business isn’t a walk in the park. Owning a company can be a taxing and…   Continue Reading »

Should you patent your great idea? Maybe.

All entrepreneurs dream of cashing in on their big ideas. After countless hours of hard work, high hopes, and failed experiments, it’s no surprise that many people are eager to protect their intellectual property. But spending money on a patent might not always be the wisest move. It may lead to drastic spending – from $10,000-25,000 – that could otherwise be avoided.   In an…   Continue Reading »

Finding Inspiration Everywhere: How Trends Can Benefit Your Business

Trends are trendy; they come and go fast. One minute, your industry is abuzz about the wearable that’s going to change everything, and the next minute, no one remembers what you’re talking about. It can be tough to know which trends you should spend time tracking, and which ones are better left alone. Think of trends as idea-starters; things that have the potential to spark…   Continue Reading »

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