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Top Security Best Practices For Mobile

A feel-good technology experience can quickly turn into a gruesome horror story the moment security is compromised. This is why BYOD concerns, data breaches and mobile security fears are top-of-mind issues for many business stakeholders these days. To help ease your mind, here are a few straightforward tips to keep your mobile small business technology safe at home and on the road. Require screen locks…   Continue Reading »

Why We Love Being a Part of the Intuit Ecosystem

Let’s face it. You didn’t start a business to spend half your time doing data entry. However, to effectively run your business, you need this information, especially when it comes to your expense management. Here at Concur, our mission has always been to simplify expense management for all companies no matter how big or small. That ‘s why we are so excited to be a…   Continue Reading »

Why Every CFO Should Invest in Essential Technology

When making technology decisions, today’s CFOs (or CIOs, or whoever oversees technology investments) navigate a tricky path. Their mission – to choose technology that will pay for itself, yield ROI for the business, and appease all company stakeholders – may in fact seem impossible. What’s more, there isn’t exactly a true roadmap for tech decision makers to achieve this. “As we plow through this period…   Continue Reading »

Super Powers of the Cloud: The Security of Concur’s Cloud

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Super Powers of The Cloud

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Super Powers of The CloudMobile app security is a concern for most app users, especially with the seemingly daily news stories of data breaches striking large companies. And it’s not just large companies being affected. For every security breach story that breaks, many more go untold. Symantec reports that companies with fewer than 250 employees…   Continue Reading »

Why You Should Invest in Mobile Now

The digital world is fired up about apps that enable business people to get things done on the go. Whether it’s back office solutions that establish company cohesion from all corners of the earth, or expense reporting software that takes manual, paper-based processes from laborious to labor force-friendly, the new wave of business apps are allowing businesses of all sizes to be more nimble, more…   Continue Reading »

How Cloud Business Apps Give You Super Powers

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Super Powers of The Cloud

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Super Powers of The CloudOkay, so cloud business apps won’t give you super powers, at least not yet. But when you go from expense tracking the old-school way to a do-anything-from-anywhere situation, you sure feel super about your new powers. Apparently there are plenty of employees who feel super these days. According to CDW’s 2013…   Continue Reading »

How to Use Mobile Apps to Increase Your Business Productivity

It’s no secret that mobile apps can increase small business productivity. A practical business app can be your organization’s trump card in the game to get more done with fewer resources. In a recent TabTimes article, Kazunori Ukigawa, CEO of mobile productivity company MetaMoji explains that we are in a new era of app development in which the ability to meet broader objectives will continue…   Continue Reading »

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