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Product Updates

What Does Your Mileage Reimbursement Really Cover?

If you drive your car for work, you’re probably aware that you can take a mileage deduction of 57.5 cents for every business-related mile. The most obvious daily vehicle-related expenditure rears its costly head every time you go to the pump. However, mileage reimbursement is for more than just gas money. You’re getting reimbursed for all auto expenses.   According to AAA’s 2015 Your Driving…   Continue Reading »

Learn about Concur’s second-quarter product updates

  Summer is in full swing here in the Seattle area, and we’re as busy as ever, cranking up the product innovation and development engines at Concur. And with the third quarter well underway, it’s time to take a look back at the product updates we made during the second quarter.   2015 Q2 product highlights In Q2, we made many updates and improvements to…   Continue Reading »

Internet Explorer 8 and 9 Announcement

Concur is committed to delivering the best client experience through its solutions. Since Microsoft is dropping support of Internet Explorer 8 and 9 in January 2016, Concur is also announcing it will discontinue support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) and 9 (IE 9) web browsers as well.   The benefits of upgrading to a newer browser are many. As Microsoft and other browsers release…   Continue Reading »

Discover Concur’s first quarter product releases

If you’re anything like me, the speed at which technology continues to evolve can feel overwhelming at times. And because I spend so much of my time analyzing how we can improve the user experience for all of our customers, I forget to celebrate how far we’ve come and how many software improvements we make based on your suggestions. You continue to ask and we continue…   Continue Reading »

Travel Apps at TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Last month, Concur developers competed in the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in New York City. Close to 1,000 developers participate every year, vying for geek fame, glory… and cash … and a chance to learn.   Our group split into three teams and had the opportunity to check out multiple APIs. We came up with three new concepts: Book-It-Simon, By The Way, Calendar Call. In the…   Continue Reading »

App of the Week: Tenrox by Upland

The Top 3 Things Service Organizations Need to Understand   Customer Success Is Your Most Effective Tool As software as a service (SaaS) becomes the norm, the ability to differentiate on unique abilities is becoming less relevant. Implementations are becoming simpler and independent of geographic locations, requiring service organizations to stand apart in other ways. Clients no longer have to remain with a service provider…   Continue Reading »

App of the week: Motus

The workforce is always evolving, but now more than ever, there is a dramatic transformation in the way people work. Work today is mobile, and the lines between business and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. As the workforce has evolved, so have the strategies of senior leadership. In an effort to empower and support their employees in the field, leadership has invested in mobile…   Continue Reading »

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