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Product Updates

This Just In: Concur for Windows Phone Is New and Improved!

We listened to suggestions from our Concur community and our research and development pros have been hard at work improving the Concur for Windows Phone 1.1 app, which is now available on the Windows Phone Store. We’ve kept the excellent features of our first release, including receipt capture, trip approvals, trips (with maps, direction, phone numbers, etc.), and the Receipt Store, but we’ve built out…   Continue Reading »

Purchase Request Helps Simplify Everyday Purchases

All companies spend money routinely on office supplies, IT equipment or simple services. It’s the business of doing business. But overseeing these purchases isn’t always the most timely and efficient aspect of your business. With Concur Purchase Request, you can easily track both requests and orders in a way that’s straightforward and won’t unnecessarily burden your purchasing team. What does this mean to you? With…   Continue Reading »

Concur for Windows Phone is Here at Last

Yes Virginia, there IS an alternative to Android and iOS. In fact, there are a whole lot of travelers in the world who love their Windows Phones. And now there’s a Concur for Windows Phone app to go along with them. According to IDC, the gains made by Windows Phone “demonstrate both end-user demand and OEM support.” It actually crept past BlackBerry in June with…   Continue Reading »

Voice Enabled Travel Search: There’s an App for That

Hot off the IDC presses, Android now accounts for 75 percent of the smartphone platform market (based on devices shipped). We at Concur think that’s worthy of some special attention, so if you’ve got an Android phone, we’ve got an app just for you. And we’d like you to give it a try. Our latest release of Concur mobile for Android includes voice-enabled search. Sounds…   Continue Reading »

Fusion Live Questions – and Answers

Smart questions deserve intelligent answers. And during Fusion Live earlier this month, Concur’s Twitter feed and Facebook page were abuzz with client queries. We’ve compiled some of the most common questions that came out of Fusion Live, with answers from Concur’s President and COO Raj Singh:   Q: When will Concur Mobile 9.0 be available on the iPhone? – Jeannie Korte via Facebook A: 9.0 for…   Continue Reading »

Take the Guess Work out of the T&E Budget Game

The element of surprise is great when it comes to birthday parties and April Fool’s Day pranks, but when trying to carefully manage a budget—and travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses in particular—no one likes to be caught off guard. As your finance team may have cautioned, “It’s all fun and games until someone comes in over budget.” It’s not like anyone intentionally ignores T&E policies…   Continue Reading »

4 Mobile Trends That Are Revolutionizing the Concur Mobile App

If you’ve shown up to a hotel in an unfamiliar city lately, you might have arrived with a growling stomach thanks to just a pack of airplane peanuts. Chances are you made a beeline to the hotel concierge. After a few questions about what you like, what you were looking for, how far you wanted to walk or drive, you had a list of places…   Continue Reading »

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