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Product Updates

Tracking business expenses including attendees just became effortless

Your expense report should practically write itself. That’s what we believe at Concur, and every day we’re working toward our mission to create the effortless expense report. You are an integral partner in that mission – your feedback tells us what features to develop next. Many of you requested we address the pain of uploading attendee data when tracking business expenses, and we listened. If…   Continue Reading »

Concur development pipeline and process

I’ve been going around to different teams inside of my company recently and talking about how we’ve gone about the task of selecting different tools and technologies for our projects. I figured that if this many people inside the company were curious, there may be some value in sharing it with you good folks as well. So here, I’ll attempt to cover the principles, strategies,…   Continue Reading »

Spark ecosystem & Spark streaming fundamentals

Last Tuesday, the Seattle Spark Meetup group convened for our monthly meeting. It was a special meeting since it was actually a joint Seattle Spark Meetup and Pacific Northwest Cloudera User Group session held at the Concur Technologies headquarters in Bellevue. We had special guest speakers, Mike Olson and Hari Shreedharan, whose presentations discussed the basics of Spark and Spark Streaming as well as the…   Continue Reading »

Explore New Mobile Travel Apps at Fusion

It’s that time of year. More than 2,000 Concur customers are coming together for Fusion, our biggest annual event with 4 days of sessions, training, and networking. We’re looking forward to seeing you there and introducing you to new apps available in the Concur App Center. With U.S. mobile travel sales (including travel purchases on tablets and smartphones) reaching $16.36B in 2013,* we want to…   Continue Reading »

App of the Week: Curb

Whether you’re getting a cab from the airport or traveling around town to meetings, nothing can put a damper on your productive day like trying to find a taxi in a crowded city – and ensuring that taxi can accept your corporate credit card.   Enter Curb, the app that connects you to safe, reliable rides from professional taxi drivers in 60 US cities. With…   Continue Reading »

App of the Week – Permiso

Global businesses must deploy their talent when and where it is needed. Unfortunately, business travel immigration rules are varied and getting more complex by the day. A business sending one employee to China and another employee to India must follow completely different processes, rules and regulations.   To further complicate matters, political tensions, changes in the world economy and other drivers have motivated countries to…   Continue Reading »

Protecting data on AWS cloud using powerful encryption techniques

Encryption is a process used to convert plain text data into Ciphertext and thus protecting information from getting read by unauthorized users. Data can be encrypted both while travelling over the Internet or when it is stored on servers. Encryption is used in the cloud to safeguard sensitive information stored and travelling through internal networks, the Internet, and wireless mobile devices. Encryption in the cloud…   Continue Reading »

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