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Starting a small business? You don’t need millions.

Starting a business is a dream shared by many. From taking a fledgling idea and turning it into an actual product, to the independence that comes from being your own boss, the advantages to owning your own company can seem endless. But good ideas don’t pay the bills – which is why money is often one of the biggest obstacles for future small business owners….   Continue Reading »

Are you getting the big picture? Discover the true cost of manual expense reporting.

“I love expense reports,” said no one. Ever! If you are looking for the next big opportunity to make your mark, here is a slam dunk:  fix your company’s expense reporting. If your company is like most, it sorts through an average of 100 expense reports per month. Whether these come through as spreadsheets emailed to your finance inbox or as a hard copy, your…   Continue Reading »

Concur’s Invoice New Features: Streamline Expense Processing

There are business issues that every organization finds challenging. One of those issues is the need to gain insight into their spending.  Many of Concur’s clients are benefiting from transparency on their spending through Concur Invoice. We’re happy to announce updated Invoice features which provide additional visibility into your spend.     Connected Lists Can Now Be Tied to Expense Types Clients can now configure…   Continue Reading »

Use a “Mobile First” Approach to Improve Internal Financial Controls and Drive Compliance

Organizations are now expected to have systems and technology in place that enable employees to access the internet via smartphone or tablet.  The driver for this expectation are their employees who want to be able to work anytime, anywhere with whatever device they may have (whether company provided or not), and utilize any app. This expectation is especially true when it involves the travel booking and…   Continue Reading »

Growing SMB’s Remove Bottlenecks with Scalable Invoice Processing

A number of small and medium-sized companies use manual processes as a cost effective alternative to purchasing an expensive ERP.  As companies grow, we often see constrained resources becoming overwhelmed because these manual processes are simply not built for scale. Even during periods of rapid growth, these companies remain reluctant to commit to a fully integrated ERP system – due to either fear of change,…   Continue Reading »

How to Manage Expenses on Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Policies

Now more than ever, people are inseparable from their electronics. Brimming with notes, calendars, and auto-populated passwords, our devices bring convenience and efficiency to our daily lives – including the time we spend at the office. That’s why many companies have developed BYOD initiatives, allowing employees to bring their own phones, laptops, and tablets to work instead of the usual company-owned devices. Given the popularity…   Continue Reading »

It’s December: Time to break out of spreadsheet jail

Baby, it’s cold outside – but inside, expense reports are heating up finance departments everywhere. ‘Tis the season when everyone in accounting is inundated with a sudden influx of receipts, notes, and spreadsheets. Did you know that the busiest expense day of the year happens in December? Better have lots of coffee on hand.   While you scramble to enter expenses and close the year…   Continue Reading »

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