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The top six ways to take the hassle out of CME expense management

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is critical to health care providers—keeping them up-to-date on the latest medical advances and legally licensed to do their jobs.  Although every organization allocates funds for these events and classes, managing CME travel and expense can be a painful experience.   Without the right system and procedures in place, accurately tracking ongoing CME spend is a complicated process—from knowing what’s already…   Continue Reading »

Concur + VATBox: A Win-Win Combination

VATBox fully automates your Foreign VAT recovery and ensures governance through one, centralized VAT process across all business entities. Combined with Concur’s Travel & Expense Management Solutions, the partnership will maximize VAT recovery – domestic deductions as well as foreign returns – and ensure visibility and compliance.   Many organizations already have a VAT recovery process for travel and expenses, however, in today’s belt-tightening climate,…   Continue Reading »

Say no to expense report fraud with these easy steps

Expense report fraud is every employer’s worst nightmare – and sadly, it’s on the rise. In 2014, approximately 15% of all business fraud occurred through expense reports, says a study from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. And if 15% doesn’t seem like much, look at it this way: that’s an average loss of $26,000 every single year.   The finance department isn’t the only…   Continue Reading »

How to prepare for the global healthcare transparency phenomenon

With the March 31st Open Payments deadline behind us, Concur customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries can breathe a big sigh of relief. But it’s important not to get too comfortable. The “phenomenon” of global transparency regulations in healthcare is gaining momentum, and life sciences companies doing business abroad need to be ready for regulations governing transfers of payment to healthcare providers and…   Continue Reading »

Concur is all-in for the mobile payments revolution

Concur is no stranger to mobile payments. In fact, we’ve been focused on streamlining expenses in the cloud from the beginning. With e-receipts, direct travel booking on our app ecosystem and even our Starbucks integration, we’re big fans of going mobile – and here’s why.   The world isn’t just inching towards mobile – it’s rushing towards it in a big way. 53% of emails…   Continue Reading »

The easiest way to comply with Mexican fiscal regulations

Latin-America is a leader in electronic invoicing, in large part due to Mexican legislation that mandates the use of e-invoices for the entire supply chain. Compliance is now built into the entire process–an invoice is either issued or received in conformity or it is not.   If it is not in compliance, penalties can, in certain cases, exceed the transaction value and will be considered…   Continue Reading »

Part two: my first business trip with Concur, “Automagically creating my expense report”

This is the second in a two part series about my first business trip with Concur, or how I came to love doing expense reports. I shared my nightmare business travel history in part one to help you understand how painful and tedious my expense reports were, taking up an average of 7 hours of my week. Read on to hear about my new life…   Continue Reading »

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