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The five biggest pains in the expense review process

Chances are, being a savvy business professional; you’ve dealt with the headaches of paper expense reports by moving to an automated solution in the cloud, like Concur. But auditing expense reports can still add layers of pain, unless you find the right solution.   Wasting time and money Business people don’t often think about a better way to audit. Especially if they’ve gotten used to…   Continue Reading »

Invoices: how to focus on auditing

When’s the last time you did an audit of your expenses? In our recent webinar on Accounts Payable (AP), we asked Christine Williams, Controller at Sesame Communications, about some of the challenges she faces when it comes to technology and AP. Top of the list: managing $3.5 million in expenses for her company.   Sesame Communications provides cloud-based patient engagement for dentists and orthodontists. The…   Continue Reading »

Expense report horror stories: fiscal fright

This is the time of year ghosts, ghouls and goblins take flight. But for many small and medium sized businesses, the real nightmares lie buried in stacks of expense reports, waiting to jump out and threaten even the most intrepid finance professional. These are true stories from the dusty vaults of expense excesses, exhumed by Concur.   Torture Chamber We know the pain is real…   Continue Reading »

End Canada’s small business tax break? One for the voters.

It’s become an issue in Canada’s national election – even as the parties talk tax breaks for small business – some are also saying the small business tax breaks as they stand now need to end.   Touchy subject Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau took heat recently on that issue. He prefaced his September 8th comments to CBC’s Peter Mansbridge by saying: “I think small…   Continue Reading »

Top Canadian tax questions

As we explore in this blog post, Canada’s value-added tax system, including the GST, HST and QST, is extremely complex and the risks to businesses that get it wrong are substantial, with mistakes costing significant money. To help guide you through the wilderness of Canadian value-added tax, we partnered with the experts at Ryan on a recent webinar. Below are just a few of the…   Continue Reading »

Pharma consolidation means IT consolidation. Are you ready?

Last year was a blockbuster year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry saw $250B in deals according to Perficientand 2016 is poised to be even more intense.   If your company is preparing for merger or acquisition in the near or distant future, how are you getting your systems and data ready? If you’re a Concur client, you may have…   Continue Reading »

The “Smart” AP Function and the Role of Automation

Ardent Partners research has long pointed to the automation of key accounts payable processes, namely the eradication of paper-based invoices and manual capabilities, as one of several means of boosting the AP function’s true strategic impact. As companies begin to think about 2016 and how they can continue to extract value from internal operations, AP must be one of the first things that comes to…   Continue Reading »

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