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Company Culture

Write your brand story: three steps to getting started

Everything is a story:  news; politics; the law; especially business.  And how well we prosper often depends on the quality of the stories we tell. The importance of storytelling has birthed a new executive role: Chief Storytelling Officer. CSOs haven’t been around very long, but they’re shining a light on what companies have been missing: a way to bring awareness and meaning to their brand…   Continue Reading »

Concur Client User Group on LinkedIn reaches 5,000 client members

Concur’s Client User Group on LinkedIn has reached 5,000 client members – and it’s growing! The group is a safe place for our client administrators, finance and travel executives and other relevant client roles to connect, share best practices, learn how others use Concur and access product reviews.   Check out our infographic below to learn more about the group and how people just like…   Continue Reading »

Open at work: responsibility in company culture is changing spend management

There is a general understanding in business that “you need to spend money in order to make money.” It is also generally understood that no one likes to be micromanaged, and that too tightly policing minutiae tends to result in unhappy and unproductive employees. So how do companies keep spend under control and understand which dollars are being spent most effectively, without upsetting employees with…   Continue Reading »

Concur nominated GeekWire’s “Deal of the Year”

Every year GeekWire, a global technology news site located in Seattle, Washington, holds its awards ceremony to recognize the most innovative people, companies and technology in the Pacific Northwest. The GeekWire awards contain thirteen categories ranging from the ‘Geekiest Office’ to the ‘Newcomer of the Year’.   SAP & Concur     SAP’s acquisition of Concur, with an 8.3 billion price tag, has been nominated to GeekWire’s…   Continue Reading »

Earth Day at Concur, today and every day

Today is April 22, otherwise known as Earth Day, a day celebrated annually to bring awareness to efforts to protect the planet we live on, rely upon and hold dear. This year, Earth Day celebrates its 45th anniversary, having brought 20 million Americans to the streets on its inaugural date in 1970 to protest environmental injustices and promote a more environmentally conscious society. Earth Day…   Continue Reading »

Employee Profile: Senad Mustafic

  Name: Senad Mustafic Concur Start Date: March 11, 2013 Hometown: Novi Sad, Serbia Favorite City in the World: In my heart, any place in Serbia or Montenegro, plus Portland (OR), Tucson (AZ), Seattle (WA). Those are the places I have lived in, to which I am connected through people and experiences. To visit for work: Mumbai; to visit for vacation: the island of Kauai….   Continue Reading »

Customer innovation at Concur Fusion 2015

This has been an exciting week of collaboration, discussion and learning in San Francisco. Today Concur CMO, Jerame Thurik, had the opportunity to chat with a panel of Concur Innovation Award winners who shared their experiences managing business travel and expenses. They gave the audience insight into the tips and tricks that make them a success and allow them to innovate in their roles. Here are this year’s…   Continue Reading »

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