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Company Culture

Employee Spotlight: Meet Elena Donio – mom, sister, philanthropist, athlete, Concur president.

      Name: Elena Donio Concur start date: July 1998 Hometown: Cupertino, CA Favorite city: Seattle AND London Typical workweek lunch: Salad Secret superpower: Superfast reading   Tell us about yourself in 100 words or less: I believe we are at our best when we acknowledge that we are multidimensional beings with many, many elements to us. I am Concur. I am a mom….   Continue Reading »

“Why I’m attending my 3rd Fusion” Customer Testimonial – Bama Companies

My name is David Christie and I am the Concur Administrator for the Bama Companies. We have been using Concur Standard since 2012.  Concur’s Annual Fusion Client Event has been the place to find tips and tricks from people of all experience levels.  This is worth the price of admission.  Add to that, the sessions are top notch with information on how to use your…   Continue Reading »

Celebrate National Pie Day – January 23rd

Did you know that today is National Pie Day? Every January 23rd since 1986, the American Pie Council sponsors Pie Day to celebrate with fellow pie lovers. Last year the American Pie Council polled 1,000 respondents where it found that apple pie is America’s favorite pie. Chocolate and pumpkin pie tied for second and cherry was America’s third favorite. Who invented pies? It is estimated that…   Continue Reading »

7 Signs You’re a Concur Customer

Through thousands of conversations with our valued customers, we’ve come to recognize some common themes of Concur users. Perhaps you identify with a few of these signs. You Utilize the Power of the Cloud Concur has built an ecosystem that connects spend management solutions delivered via the cloud. These APIs include itinerary, expense, travel, transportation, among other services. Delivered through our platform, applications such as…   Continue Reading »

Keeping at-home employees productive

Working from home: is it a dream come true, or a complete disaster? For many employers, this is a question they’ll have to address whether they want to or not. A more connected world means people can get the job done whether they’re sitting next to co-workers or hanging out at a café thousands of miles away.   As more organizations open the door to…   Continue Reading »

Concur 2014 Year in Review

  The 12 months of 2014 were exciting in the world of business travel and spend management. We pulled some of our favorite company highlights and industry news together for our year in review.   January – A rosy outlook for SMBs The year started out with an optimistic economic forecast, supported in part by healthy indicators from Concur about small business growth. Many economists predicted 2014 to be a great year of growth…   Continue Reading »

#FavoriteReceipt winners win the Internet

…and some very fun prizes. As year-end approaches, employees are filing more expenses than at any other time. In fact, the “Busiest Expense Day” of the year was December 15, 2014, according to data we released earlier this month. We imagined you poring over piles of receipts, some of which might have inspired memories connecting you to your work, industries or community. This gave us…   Continue Reading »

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