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Trend: Business Travelers Combine Airbnb & Concur

Innovation. It’s everywhere. It’s in our mobile devices, on our televisions and laptops, at our coffee shops and in our travel lodging. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Americans applied for over half a million new patents in 2012. That number is up 83% compared to 2000. The US is hungry for innovation. So it should come as no surprise that innovation appears…   Continue Reading »

Adding Data, Technology & Service – Evolution of the TMC

By: Mike Cameron, Christopherson Business Travel   There’s no doubt the role of the travel management company has changed significantly in the last twenty years. With online booking tools, commission caps and more, travel management companies have been challenged to stay valuable to travelers. As an industry, we have to evolve in how we manage travel in order to stay relevant. Here’s what Christopherson Business…   Continue Reading »

Agency Automation of the Future – 5 Things to Expect

It’s no secret that everyone benefits from automating manual processes: TMCs, travel managers, corporations and travelers. Bottom line: it’s faster, more accurate and cost-effective. But the rise of consumer tools and increased traveler data has created a challenge for TMCs: fragmented data they can’t see, travelers they can’t reach and trips they can’t service. The next big thing is always near and will undoubtedly affect…   Continue Reading »

Create Corporate Travel Compliance with Ease and Flexibility

Change for corporate travel is coming faster than ever. As technology advances, travelers are enjoying more choice and flexibility in booking travel through mobile apps and automated services. To keep the corporate paradigm cohesive, new, intuitive technologies offer travel managers an opportunity to exercise continued visibility and control over travel while maintaining compliancy among employees. Smart travel managers won’t have to take sides or risk…   Continue Reading »

Road Warriors Celebrate Super-fast Broadband Decision by Ofcom

Ofcom announced last week its decision to authorise and license super-fast broadband on UK planes, trains and ships. In August last year the British regulator launched a consultation proposing that three parts of the radio spectrum be authorised for use by mass transit vehicles to encourage the development of satellite-based internet services. Jargon aside, the announcement represents a watershed moment in the lives of UK…   Continue Reading »

Make Corporate Travel Policies Easier for You and Your Employees

The corporate travel environment is changing faster than ever before.Technology is giving travelers more choice in booking travel and companies more choices in how they interact with the customers and off-site employees. However, travel remains the second largest expense (after personnel) in most companies, and corporate travel policies still have an important place in keeping travel costs under control. Financial officers and travel managers still…   Continue Reading »

Business Travel Reimagined for the Future

Thanks to the ever-evolving use of technology, as well as advancements in engineering, business travel is too evolving at a rapid rate, making it easier for the road warrior and platinum flyer to find their destination. Not only is technology going to play into how we reimagine business travel in the future, other developments like new modes of transportation will present unbridled possibilities for the future of…   Continue Reading »

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