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The Challenge of Direct Booking

Concur has been committed to improving corporate travel for more than two decades. In collaboration with clients, suppliers, technology partners and TMCs, we aspire to make things easier for travelers travel managers. Throughout our 22-year history, our success has stemmed from considering not just today’s problems, but tomorrow’s as well. We run to where the ball is going, not to where it is right now….   Continue Reading »

Why Ridesharing Is More than a Transportation Trend

In just three short years, ridesharing has grown from a compelling idea into a major transportation movement. Today, 76% of travel managers and 70% of business travellers say that Travel Network Companies (TNCs), such as Lyft, are an acceptable or preferred ground transportation option [GBTA 2105]. Thanks to a new partnership between Concur and Lyft, it’s easier than ever to incorporate ridesharing into your corporate…   Continue Reading »

Canada business travel – competition heats up

…and a lot of the travel will be between Canada and the UK, with at least five airlines soon to be competing hard for passengers on routes to London and other cities in Britain.   This coming spring will be hot… …and travellers between Canada and the UK will have options as never before.  Starting in spring, 2016, WestJet will add dozens of transatlantic flights…   Continue Reading »

Insider’s guide to business travel and expense: from road warrior to rock star

Whether it’s your first business trip or your thousandth, it seems there’s always something you can do to make the travel and expense process a little more effortless.  We’ve got some good news for you – at Concur there are 5,000 of us who absolutely adore expenses and are constantly looking for ways to make travel and expense easier for you so you can focus…   Continue Reading »

The Truth about TripLink

Often when finance leaders or travel managers hear of TripLink, they think of open booking, i.e., enabling business travelers to book wherever and however they want, outside of their company travel program. But in reality, rather than helping your business travelers get around the rules, TripLink can help you regain control. So, let’s dispel some myths about TripLink and open booking.   Myth #1: TripLink…   Continue Reading »

Concur and HotelTonight just made booking that last-minute stay much easier

Last-minute booking We’ve all been there:  you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the airport or maybe your work meeting ran late, which caused you to miss your flight. Or, your flight is delayed due to bad weather so you miss your layover and end up stuck in a city that you never planned on staying in. Or perhaps, like many business travelers, your…   Continue Reading »

Integrate Digital Conversations to Deliver Better Travel Experiences

1. Mobile Drives Increased Communication.   In a panel held by BTN Group and Concur, smart-messaging tools were highlighted as empowering corporations and TMCs “to help travelers make smart decisions, and it also makes travelers feel like they have concierge service and VIP status.” On-demand communication channels give travel managers and TMCs more opportunities to wow their demanding business travelers. According to a study by…   Continue Reading »

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