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ALPS Corporation keeps bird’s-eye on travel expenses: Concur Innovation Award Winner 2015

ALPS Corporation received an Innovation Award at Fusion this year for innovative use of Concur solutions to manage travel expenses. They have deployed Concur Expense and TripLink.   Located in Missoula, MT, ALPS provides legal malpractice insurance. More specifically, they provide comprehensive lawyers’ professional liability insurance to protect and guide lawyers toward a more successful and risk-free practice. Lawyers benefit from working directly with an insurance…   Continue Reading »

Every travel cloud has a silver lining!

Business is becoming more personal and personal is becoming more business. Let’s face it, today’s business travelers have a lot to juggle as we seem to be more connected to the office than ever before, no matter where you are in the world! And that is making it tough to take time off when you’re on the road. But for all the notifications pinging you…   Continue Reading »

Business travel bags that amaze

There is no way to avoid the hassle of business travel. In order to meet with clients face-to-face or even to visit a world-famous site on vacation, we all put up with the long airport security lines and cramped airplanes. There are a couple of things that can make traveling for business less of a pain, including a well-made and useful traveling bag. Here’s a…   Continue Reading »

Adelman Travel innovates in travel and expense: Concur Innovation Award Winner 2015

This year at Concur Fusion, Adelman Travel received a Concur Innovation Award for groundbreaking use of Concur solutions in their business. Adelman uses Concur Expense, Travel, Invoice, Messaging and TripLink.   Adelman is a travel management company (TMC) that brings together service and tech to provide solutions for their clients. They focus on travel and expense management and global consolidation for corporations. They also specialize…   Continue Reading »

Space tourism: the new frontier in travel

There are many styles of travel; from luxury to budget to adventure and everything in between. We all know those people whose idea of a relaxing vacation is to skydive into an active volcano or hand feed great white sharks but, with enough money and training, you now have an opportunity to make those things look like afternoon tea at The Ritz. I’m talking about…   Continue Reading »

3 steps to healthier, happier business travel

Business travel is no joke. From stressful security lines to exhausting bouts of jet lag, trips of any length can take their toll on even the most experienced traveler. And while technology has come a long way in easing some of the pain, there are some things your smartphone just can’t solve.   On the plus side, business travel has a myriad of benefits. Done…   Continue Reading »

Concur TripLink shapes the future of business travel and the Perfect Trip

The world of travel and spend management integration is getting bigger and better every day. Today, Etihad Airways, national airline of the United Arab Emirates, popular airport parking provider WallyPark, and Enterprise Holdings, the largest car rental company in the world, have joined TripLink, expanding the list of partners enabling seamless connections to their customers. At the same time, Concur also announced that over 3,500…   Continue Reading »

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