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Business Travel

Corporate travel management Unisys-style: Concur Innovation Award Winner 2015

Unisys earned a Concur Innovation Award this year for exceptional attention to corporate travel management and use of Concur solutions. The company is a worldwide information technology company that solves critical problems for commercial organizations and government agencies via a portfolio of IT services, software and technology. Unisys has locations, team members and customers worldwide, with approximately 23,000 employees—13,000 of whom submitted expense reports in 2014….   Continue Reading »

App of the Week: LoungeBuddy

Business travelers know that time spent in an airport can range from a less than pleasant experience to a downright frustrating ordeal. Even if you escape the one in six chance of a major delay during any given trip, there are still long lines to battle through just to reach the departure hall. Once airside, you may find an even more stressful environment complete with…   Continue Reading »

Business travel – where do you see it going?

If there is one thing that’s constant in business, it’s change. The same holds true for business travel. Technology is changing the way we do business, and the ever-blowing winds of economic change continue to leave their mark as well. Here’s a quick roundup of industry trends and a question for you: how are technology and the economy affecting your business travel?   The perfect…   Continue Reading »

Social fun at Fusion #CF2015

Earlier this month, we held our annual Fusion event in San Francisco with 2300 incredible sponsors, partners and customers! At the event, we announced exciting new TripLink partnerships and valuable new app integrations available in the Concur App Center, providing benefits to not only end users, but also to companies, improving ways they do business. Every year, we recognize our most innovative customers who have taken…   Continue Reading »

ALPS Corporation keeps bird’s-eye on travel expenses: Concur Innovation Award Winner 2015

ALPS Corporation received an Innovation Award at Fusion this year for innovative use of Concur solutions to manage travel expenses. They have deployed Concur Expense and TripLink.   Located in Missoula, MT, ALPS provides legal malpractice insurance. More specifically, they provide comprehensive lawyers’ professional liability insurance to protect and guide lawyers toward a more successful and risk-free practice. Lawyers benefit from working directly with an insurance…   Continue Reading »

Every travel cloud has a silver lining!

Business is becoming more personal and personal is becoming more business. Let’s face it, today’s business travelers have a lot to juggle as we seem to be more connected to the office than ever before, no matter where you are in the world! And that is making it tough to take time off when you’re on the road. But for all the notifications pinging you…   Continue Reading »

Business travel bags that amaze

There is no way to avoid the hassle of business travel. In order to meet with clients face-to-face or even to visit a world-famous site on vacation, we all put up with the long airport security lines and cramped airplanes. There are a couple of things that can make traveling for business less of a pain, including a well-made and useful traveling bag. Here’s a…   Continue Reading »

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