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$19.6B spent on food for meetings. That’s a lot of receipts…

Businesses spend $19.6 Billion on food for meetings – Concur and ezCater are helping them organize it. The three-martini lunch was a staple of business culture decades ago. Even after business became less like a scene from Mad Men and more like today, salespeople would take their customers and prospects out to lunch on a regular basis. Now, with schedules full of overlapping meetings, it’s…   Continue Reading »

What’s brewing in the lab?

We’re continually creating new integrations and experimenting with new technologies to help travelers and travel managers. Especially in the new Concur Labs, where developers and designers are brewing new recipes to give you “The Perfect Trip.” For example, this week at CES, we showed how travelers can expense mileage directly from their car.   At Concur Labs, our charter is to pioneer integrations and prototypes…   Continue Reading »

Getting what you need when you’re on the go

When you spend a lot of time on the road, the simplest tasks can sometimes be a lot harder than they should be. Things like getting a good meal or finding a reliable dry cleaner to deliver before your next big meeting are often a hassle. But they don’t have to be.   New to the Concur App Center, helps busy professionals stay on task,…   Continue Reading »

Billy Bishop expansion – dead or just sleeping?

On November 27th, Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau confirmed he is rejecting a request to expand Toronto’s Billy Bishop Toronto City airport to accommodate jets, fulfilling a Liberal Party campaign promise. But PortsToronto and the city are still working on studies of the idea, which they won’t release until early 2016, and with some big money hanging in the balance, the vision of jets at…   Continue Reading »

Personalized services that add value for your employees: how AirRefund fits in your traveler services portfolio

Business travelers are quite well versed on the subject of travel hassles. Stress, being away from home, long flights, dealing with disruptions while on the road… all of this adds up to business travel not being as enjoyable as we often hope it will be. What if you could provide your employees with an innovative service to reward their efforts or at least alleviate some…   Continue Reading »

Ticket to ride? Driving Vancouver’s decision

For more than a year now, the city of Vancouver, B.C. has been wrestling with how to modernize its taxi service, and what to do about Uber, the digital ridesharing service that wants to compete there. With Uber, a passenger uses a smartphone app to flag down a nearby driver. The passenger rides in the driver’s personal vehicle. The software bills the customer directly and…   Continue Reading »

The Challenge of Direct Booking

Concur has been committed to improving corporate travel for more than two decades. In collaboration with clients, suppliers, technology partners and TMCs, we aspire to make things easier for travelers travel managers. Throughout our 22-year history, our success has stemmed from considering not just today’s problems, but tomorrow’s as well. We run to where the ball is going, not to where it is right now….   Continue Reading »

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