Concur Labs and Slack Partner To Bring Travel and Expense Bots to the Masses

John Dietz |

You Asked. We Delivered.

The Concur bot on Slack has been the number one requested bot by our customers, so we’re thrilled to be making the Concur Expense bot on Slack available in beta and introduce a new Concur Travel bot on Slack. We’re all about creating efficiencies and empowering people to do their best, most productive work. This is a perfect fit for our large enterprise clients, particularly those with infrequent users of Concur Expense who can now take actions directly in Slack.

Last year, during our private beta, we started with simple functions like requesting your itinerary and submitting an expense receipt. We’re excited to move the expense bot into public beta with a more robust set of features and functionality, and introduce a new travel bot coming soon.


You Don’t Need a Corner Office to Have a Personal Assistant

It’s all about simplicity and ease of use with the Concur Travel and Expense bots on Slack. Have a question about an upcoming trip? Need to upload a receipt for an expense report? Just ask a Concur bot on Slack.

For example, with the Concur Expense bot on Slack you can now receive notifications when you have an expense report to review and approve, and take actions directly from Slack without having to navigate away from the app you’re already using. The experience is fast and intuitive, and seamlessly integrates into Slack so you can continue working with colleagues and not be distracted by other applications.

Here’s what the @ConcurExpense and @ConcurTravel bots on Slack can do for you:

  • Approve expense reports: Get notified when you have an expense report to approve and resolve the report right from Slack.
  • Receipt reprieve: Upload receipts in your message to @ConcurExpense and they will be instantly saved to your SAP Concur account.
  • Expense report relief: For basic expenses, write a simple message such as “expense $15 for lunch” and the bot will automatically send this to your SAP Concur account.
  • Gentle reminders: Type a request such as “expense report summary” and the bot will deliver an overview of your latest reports.
  • Find your best flight: Type a keyword such as “search” and the @ConcurTravel bot will display flight search fields, allowing users to filter by destination, departure and return dates, fare class, preferred airlines, and more, right from your Slack conversation.
  • Book it, pay for it, and ensure you reap the rewards: Once flight selections are made, the bot will auto-populate your existing credit card on file and loyalty program information for seamless booking.
  • Itineraries on demand: Type “itinerary” or “trip details” and your upcoming business trip information will be sent right back to you, in channel.



Meet the Future You

On a busy day in Q4 2017, SAP Concur processed more than 568,000 expense reports, saw 1.1 million receipts uploaded via Concur mobile, and more than 202,000 trips booked.

With more than 9M weekly and 6M daily active users utilizing more than 1,000 different apps available in the Slack app directory, Slack is the collaboration hub for the modern workplace.

Conversational interfaces will undoubtedly change the way you manage common business workflows. Think about the amount of time that will be saved when bots are booking and expensing on your behalf so that you can stay focused on changing the world.


The Fine Print

We're excited to demo the Concur Expense and Travel bots on Slack to customers and partners this week at SAP Concur Fusion 2018 in Seattle. The Expense bot will be available soon to joint U.S. customers in the Slack App Directory and SAP Concur App Center. The Concur Travel bot on Slack will be released in the coming months and is a collaboration between Concur Labs, Concur Travel, and Hipmunk. Check out the Slack blog for more information about the @Concur bots and the Slack platform.