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Manage cross-border tax and payroll risks.

Business travelers create tax risks. Protect your company with Monaeo + Concur. When your employees travel between states or countries, they create tax and payroll issues for the company. For most companies, complying with these issues is time-consuming and expensive. Monaeo connects directly to Concur Travel and Expense to provide an integrated solution that automates compliance. Our technology analyzes your Concur data, enabling you to save millions of dollars and employee time. Monaeo helps with cross-border tax issues: • Payroll withholding • Permanent Establishment • Nexus • Income allocation • Fringe benefits Features: • Real-time visibility into your travel footprint and tax liabilities. • Customizable tax rules to reflect your company’s policies. • Early alerts warn you of growing risks. • Robust dashboards and reports for the insights you need. • Works for both domestic (state-to-state) and international travel. Why use Monaeo? • Save your company millions of dollars in tax liabilities and penalties. • Protect your company from reputational damage for avoiding taxes. • Monaeo saves time by 80% compared to manual processes. • Monaeo customers see a 5-8x ROI on tax-related compliance spend. Customer testimonials: • “It was incredibly obvious that Monaeo’s solution was what we wanted. It’s a complete solution – the system is doing everything for you and that’s incredibly appealing.” – Director of Payroll, Ulta • “We like that Monaeo’s solution can interface directly with Concur. My Internal Audit team has found great value in this project.” – Tax Director, Financial Services Company Get started with Monaeo’s Risk Analysis: • Comprehensive analysis of your historic domestic or international travel • Analysis is delivered in weeks, with little to no IT involvement • Identify and quantify high-risk jurisdictions, travelers, and employee groups • Better visibility for smarter business planning and improved compliance Click the Inquire button to request a free consultation.
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Works with these Concur Offerings:

  • Expense - Standard

  • Expense - Professional

  • Travel - Standard

  • Travel - Professional

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