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From VAT to value

VAT recovery and compliance has never been easier! With VATBox Direct’s secure integration, you can connect your Concur Expense data with VATBox’s database in just a few easy clicks. VATBox’s automated system works behind the scenes to consolidate, map and analyze your data, and deliver deep insights on a customized dashboard highlighting your company’s true VAT potential. Once the initial VAT analysis is complete, reclaiming your uncovered VAT is simple using VATBox’s fully-automated cloud-based VAT recovery platform. No additional budget, IT resources, or lengthy paperwork are required. VATBox is fully GDPR compliant, so you can rest assured your data is secure. All data collected is classified, code encrypted, and will not be shared with any outside parties. Maximizing your VAT returns is easier than ever. Click “Connect” or request more information to get started. ________________________________________ FAQ: 1. How does VATBox connect to Concur Expense? VATBox Direct easily connects to Concur Expense and leverages your existing data, processing it effortlessly to gain dramatically higher VAT refunds. Data transfer between Concur Expense and VATBox is seamless and eliminates the need to integrate your complicated VAT tables within Concur Expense, speeding up the entire sales and onboarding process. All you need to do is connect with VATBox Direct and approve SAP Concur connectivity. VATBox will take care of the rest. 2. How can you leverage the partnership between SAP Concur and VATBox? The SAP Concur and VATBox partnership delivers full insight into T&E and VAT spend via unprecedented analytics, segmentation, instant record retrieval, useful reports, detailed audit trails, and ultimately higher returns. With the automated expense reporting capabilities of Concur Expense, coupled with VATBox’s cloud-based VAT management system, analytics are accurate and reliable. VATBox maintains a database of all current and historical VAT rates, application rules and reclamation procedures across all international and domestic jurisdictions, updated in real-time, ensuring the highest levels of governance and compliance.
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Works with these Concur Offerings:

  • Expense - Standard

  • Expense - Professional

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