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Make travel more exciting

Connect to RoadGoat, one of the fastest-growing traveler communities in the world. When you’re planning your next trip, peek into RoadGoat to see who from your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google networks are in town to grab a meal with. Tap into our travel recs for where to eat, drink, and play during your free time. Wherever you travel, RoadGoat organizes a history of all the places you’ve been. Use its interactive travel map or connect RoadGoat to Concur Travel, TripIt, social media, email, fitness trackers, and more to have your travels update automatically. Compete with friends and coworkers to see who’s been traveling the most. Just click “Connect” to get started!
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Works with these Concur Offerings:

  • Travel - Standard

  • Travel - Professional

  • Travel Request - Professional

Regions Available: