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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Uber for Business connection is for your entire organization. If you're trying to connect your personal Uber account to Concur Expense, please proceed to the app titled “Uber”, which appears under the Connections section in the App Center. Uber for Business is a technology platform that allows travel managers to implement ground travel programs and gain insight into their employees Uber usage through the Uber for Business dashboard. All through the same app your employees already use! By integrating Uber for Business and Concur Expense, your company will get access to: • Automated expensing: employee Uber ride receipts flow directly into SAP Concur with an available expense pre-populated. Trips are matched to associated corporate card transaction. • No manual expensing required! • Seamless onboarding: add your employees to Uber for Business with one click. • Always up-to-date: changes to your SAP Concur roster will auto-sync to Uber for Business. • SAP Concur analysis shows that Uber rides, on average, cost 30% less than taxis and black cars. FAQ: 1.How much does it cost? The Uber for Business integration is free for SAP Concur customers. 2. How is this integration different than the Apps for Me Uber integration? The Uber for Business | SAP Concur integration is for organization-wide automatic receipt forwarding. Activating the integration means employees will no longer need to connect their individual Concur Expense accounts to their personal Uber accounts. Administrators also get a dashboard for visibility into ground transportation spend and a more complete view of their organization's’ trips activity. 3. Why should I use Uber for Business if some of my employees already use the e-receipt integration with Concur Expense? Using the Uber for Business and Concur Expense integration, organizations can start driving cost savings by encouraging adoption of Uber as an approved ground transportation provider. Additionally, by integrating with SAP Concur solutions, an organization’s employee roster can be updated automatically within Uber for Business. This means automated provisioning and de-provisioning and hands off management for administrators.
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